Copy Writing

At EssComm we appreciate that the effective use of words is a fine art.
Many companies communicate in jargon and acronyms because it is the language they use in everyday life.
This approach can lead to alienation of new customers who have to work too hard in order to decipher the true message behind your text.

EssComm has learnt through experience that a new customer finding their way around your area of expertise will be reserved and coy to begin with. It is human nature to shy away from things we do not understand, and this is as much the case for purchasing a product or service as it is when applying for a new job or playing your first ever round of golf for instance.

People attracted to a field outside of their expertise will always favour companies who offer the most jargon-free and genuinely useful information and will always refer back when discovering more about their subject of interest.

English is a very rich language, and it is possible through skilful copy writing, to describe exactly what you do and the benefits of your product or service to people who have no previous knowledge, in a way that will not patronise or alienate those who are already familiar with your specialist area whilst remaining search engine friendly!

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