PR & Media Relations

Many companies miss fantastic and often free opportunities to gain publicity.
Editorial coverage often carries more weight with potential customers than many forms of self-messaging although both are important.
The advantages of hiring an expert agency to do this for you go way beyond saving you time and include saving money!

EssComm has been disseminating its customers' messages to consumers and businesses through printed, broadcast and online media for many years. A great deal of skill is required to translate what our customers know into something their consumers will understand and want to buy.

Today's readers and therefore, producers of printed, broadcast and on line media require short sharp messages accompanied by attention grabbing and thought provoking images. Through our experience, we know exactly how to present information to ease the time pressures on editorial staff, enabling them to simply cut and paste text into their pages thus increasing the chances of your story being printed. Consumers also want news delivered in a precise and factual manner without filler or waffle. All pertinent information needs to leap out at the reader and be covered within the first few sentences as few consumers will read to the end of a full page of text, at first sight.

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